About Solar Canberra

We know the main aim is to save money. That’s why we’ve put our prices for you to see. We know we’re not the cheapest. We install quality. We know we’re not even the cheapest for the same panels and same inverter. But we also know you’ll get the best solar install and the best service. You’ll have a system that will last for years to come, and a company that will be around to back that up.

Solar Canberra is an Australian owned supplier and installer of Solar Electricity Panels and Evacuated Hot Water Systems. We have been leading the industry in both the finest and latest available Silicon Cell technology, Inverters and Hot Water Systems. Solar Canberra has offices located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra and is fast becoming the leader in the Sustainable Energy field.

At Solar Canberra, our mission is to enable our customers the best opportunity at reducing carbon footprints and saving money by providing the highest quality mono-crystalline solar pv panels and components. Solar Canberra can service all of your renewable energy needs and compliance paperwork. We have dedicated Clean Energy Council and State Plumbing Authority certified installers who ensure your PV or Hot Water System is operational with a minimum of fuss and saving you money instantly.

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A Variety Of Packages And Services

Suppliers of solar energy products shouldn’t just offer solar panels. They should also provide a whole host of other services as well, such as solar panel installation or hot water product installation. They should also be able to present you with different solar and hot water packages.

Knowledge Of Products

A reputable supplier of solar panels should know the products available. This can be demonstrated through communication with company representatives. They should be able to explain what’s included in individual solar panel packages. Good salesmen know what they’re selling. The company website will also have lots of information about solar panels and the advantages of solar energy. If they have a wide knowledge base, they will probably be able to assist you more in person.


Customer Confidence

There are hundreds of solar panel suppliers in the country. Not all of them enjoy the confidence of their customers, though. Some companies, will have a page for testimonials on their website. You will also find a lot of positive comments about the company online.