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  1. Electricity will only get more expensive
  2. Natural resources will disappear one day
  3. You will need to invest some money up front to save money in the long run and depending on your circumstances may even be able to make money by putting power back into the grid.
  4. You can use solar on business and commercial premises as well.
  5. Solar increases the value of your home and or business

This is really your decision. In the long run we will run out of our finite natural resources, and other forms of power will be necessary. You can start now and make a difference to your power bills and the environment today, or you can wait until you have no choice. No one knows when that time will come, but those who are prepared always do better then those who wait till the last minute and have to compete against everyone else who waited.

Look for enthusiastic companies who love the difference they are making. Someone who will come out to your home and give you suggestions and ideas for how you can make the best use of solar at your property. Someone who has pictures and testimonials so you can look at what is possible. Also being BSCE accredited and Clean energy Council members is an advantage.

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